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Assayag Consulting Ltd. is a firm that specializes in providing an umbrella of financial and professional services, tailored to the personal needs of the individual client, starting with an in-depth analysis of the client and the business environment in which it operates.

The firm provides a variety of services in the fields of accounting, economic projects, specialty audits at government entities, accompaniment on Merger & Acquisition transactions, financial consulting and accompaniment, including rehabilitation plans, company betterment, preparation of budgets and cash flow reports and the monitoring thereof, providing training in financial and accounting areas, etc.

Our knowledge of the client is intimate and discrete and allows us to render quality professional services to all of our clients.

We, at Assayag Consulting Ltd., believe in professionalism, expertise and personal service and we hold these beliefs to be supreme.

The firm consults for and accompanies public, private and government companies, using our team of first-tier experts. Our reputation speaks for itself.


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