Our Expertise


International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the standards adopted as binding by public companies, are based on principles, the implementation of which requires use of judgment, in selecting the required accounting treatment. In addition, every so often, there is a range of possible accounting treatments which require direction and professional accounting consultancy.

The services rendered by the department are based on IFRS, Israeli Standards and U.S. GAAP.

Govt. Accounting

The requirement to comply with proper corporate governance regulations on the one hand and the desire to implement IFRS principles in connection with the financial reporting of government companies on the other, raises ongoing and complex issues before government companies in all matters dealing with the relationship between the company and the government in its role as the owner and customer/vendor.

Financial reporting of government companies and the need to apply IFRS principles raise challenging and complex accounting issues for the companies and require them to seek the counsel and direction of experts in this area.

Assayag Consulting has been accompanying many government companies over the years and provides accounting consulting services.

Our client list includes: Israel Aircraft Industries, Israeli Electric Company, Public Works Department (Maatz), NTA, Cross Israel Highways, Israel Post, etc.


We represent buyers, sellers and financial institutions regarding transactions in Israel.

The know-how and experience Assayag Consulting has acquired in Mergers & Acquisitions allow us to suggest creative and effective strategies for implementing Merger & Acquisition transactions.

Our high degree of involvement in the process and our in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs, sensitivities and desires constitute a significant influential factor on the success of the transaction. The ability to provide accompaniment and consultancy in all phases of the process, from the strategic planning stages, accompaniment during the due diligence phase, accounting accompaniment, and when necessary, the recruitment of equity and debt, creates an all-encompassing umbrella of services that allows our firm to provide its clients with high added value during and following the execution of the transaction.

Economic Dept.

The Economic Department performs economic projects, including independent valuations for financial reporting purposes and as a decision-making tool. Our valuations for financial reporting purposes are an important part of the work of the department and they are performed in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (IFRS, Israeli standards, and U.S. Gaap).

Corporate Rehab

This department assists companies on focusing the management backbone as the most critical factor in the company – improvement of profits and shareholder return on investment, i.e., increasing the value of the company.

The first phase in improving profits includes a business and management analysis of the company, checking to see that the company focuses on profitable activities and foregoes those activities that are not profitable. It also involves setting up work processes to achieve a constant improvement in the efficiency of the various departments in the organization and the interaction between the departments. This is accompanied by provision of effective management tools while setting up an efficient reporting mechanism in connection with the Company’s financial position.